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<tc>Genesis earrings</tc>

<tc>Genesis earrings</tc>

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The jewellery collection is the work of designer Ines Amal.
The GENESIS silver jewellery collection consists of curves intertwined to form a clear shape reminiscent of the bud of a flower. With its softness, the shape creates the impression of awakened nature and leads us to the hidden parts of flower gardens.
The soft lines thus create an impression of tenderness on the body, which is captured by the shine of the metal.
Dimensions: pendant approx. : 18mm (H) x 15mm (W)
Designed and manufactured in Slovenia, EU.
The jewelry collections are designed with a special touch of modern technologies and craftsmanship.


We typically require 2 to 5 business days to process orders. Once the order is dispatched, it will be delivered by our courier service within 1-2 business days for customers in Slovenia. For deliveries to other countries, the timeframe extends to 3 - 9 business days.
If the desired product is not in stock at the time of the order, we need a little more time to prepare it before sending it.
Jewelry manufacturing time takes 5 to 10 working days, usually 7.
Postage costs are not included in the price.
By placing an order, you agree to this.


The jewelry is made of silver, purity 925, which is considered one of the most beautiful shiny metals and is safe to wear on the skin. Because precious metals are soft, jewelry can wear out during its lifetime. Repeated twisting can cause cracks, and repeated rubbing can cause permanent changes to the surface.
Due to environmental influences such as heat, humidity, water especially salt water, or polluted air, the silver surface will darken over time. If the metal comes into contact with products such as acids, perfumes, skin creams, or hairsprays they will also contribute to it getting dark
Tarnishing is a permanent, chemical change that occurs on the surface of the metal, which darkens over time unless it is coated with a protective layer of rhodium. Since tarnishing is a natural process, you can rule it out as part of the aging process of your jewelry.
With regular cleaning, you can avoid these changes or reduce their intensity.


Silver is a beautiful precious metal that needs a little love and care to keep it in a shiny condition.
Clean your jewelry with a soft cloth made of 100% cotton (without lumps) and rub it gently. If necessary, you can clean it with warm water and mild soap. Dry it completely with a soft cloth before storing it. However, if you need something more effective for cleaning, you can use specialized silver polishing cloths.
Never use paper towels, polyester, or other rough cloths for cleaning. These often contain wood or synthetic fibers that can cause tiny scratches on the surface of the silver, thus damaging it.
Jewelry should always be the last thing you put on. That is, after applying hair products, creams, perfume, make-up, or clothes and it should be the thing you take off first. I also recommend taking it off before going to sleep.
When not wearing the jewelry, put it in a dustproof pouch, store it in the original box and put it in a dry place.


Silver represents a gentle shade of light reflection and is associated with the energy of the moon. It looks glamorous and very sophisticated, and the shade of silver strongly reflects a woman's energy and attractiveness. Silver as a substance has a beneficial, soothing, and cleansing effect on the body. Its radiant elegance reflects the mystery and symbolizes peace.
The reflection of gold represents wealth, and warmth and is closely related to human energy and the energy of the sun. We also associate gold with higher ideals and wisdom.


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