Conceptual artworks are created in traditional, digital and mixed-media painting techniques, presenting abstract content that emanates a flow of thoughts and ideas. Through the content presented, I invite you to follow your heartbeat by observing the colors and shapes expressed and try to perceive what it is telling you.

Intuitive jewellery designed by a woman for women

The shapes of the jewelry are designed intuitively from my connection to all that I am as a woman. Through the process of design, I bring into this world all my inner dimensions, which are born from behind the illusion of time and space. The forms are inspired by the symbolism, mysticis, and wisdom of ancient knowledge and represent a unique expression of wearable art in the shine of metal.
With my precious metal jewelry collections, I build a style through which I reflect the beauty of nature and the grandeur of geometry. I share my style of expression to bring all this experienced beauty as close as possible and to share it with all individuals who follow their feminine nature, love art, appreciate uniqueness and enjoy the comfort of elegance.

Intuitive poetry

When I switch off my mind in complete solitude and can only follow my heartbeat, I surrender to the flow of feelings that lead me into creative processes. With my poetry collection Aurora, I put my magical source of inspiration into writing for the first time. 

Aurora came into being of its own accord, without expectations, in its own solitude and by dictation.


Likovna umetnost, dizajn & poezija

Hello, my name is Ines. Designing, painting, as well as writing poetry are, each in its way, my deep passion through which I express my voice.
From inspiration born in the deepest silence of the heart, I create energetically powerful forms of jewelry made of precious metals. At other times, I channel my magical source of inspiration into my artworks, where I create a unique style of contemporary impression through abstract themes. My painterly approach thus reflects not only the flow of thoughts and ideas but also the grandeur of geometry.
In parallel to all this, I write down all my experiences, which I shape into songs of intuitive poetry. I hope you will take some time to explore and get to know my work.

Collections of jewellery

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