The power & shine of precious metals

The beauty of nature inspires me again and again and it is the one that gives us its gifts unconditionally throughout. Our responsibility is to use them with love and with the awareness that natural resources are precious, some are even very rare and getting rarer. So therefore, I can claim with certainty that every piece of jewelry made of precious metals has a touch of life imprinted on it.
Silver represents a gentle and cool shade of light reflection and is associated with the energy of the moon. Radiant elegance looks glamorous and very sophisticated. Silver also strongly reflects a woman’s energy and her attractiveness. Silver as a substance has a beneficial, soothing, and cleansing effect on the body. Its radiant elegance reflects the mystery and symbolizes peace.
The warmth of gold strongly reflects the male energy and power of the sun. We associate it with the idea of high walues, wisdom and peace. As a material, gold is soft, but not as strong as silver. Silver has a beneficial and purifying effect on the body, while the power of gold illuminates and strengthens everything in its vicinity.

Modern technologies & craftsmanship

Each idea is born with a freehand drawing, on the basis of which it is then initially planned and perfected graphically in the technical part of the process. Subsequently, with the help of 3D modeling, spatially designed objects are created, which are printed in the form of prototypes in wax and then cast in metal.
Here, design always includes three parameters that are inseparable from modern design. This includes thinking about technology, innovative use of materials and conditions of use. Above all, I myself add to this the message that a particular product boasts.
I only use sustainable materials for my products, such as precious metals, as they are environmentally friendly and have a positive effect on the body and mind. These can be recycled at any time and can be completely transformed into new products.
The jewelry is finished by hand, traditionally, by highly skilled goldsmiths.

Nega & čiščenje nakita iz plemenitih kovin

Silver is a beautiful precious metal that needs a little love and care to keep it in a shiny condition. Clean your jewelry with a soft cloth made of 100% cotton (without lumps) and rub it gently. If necessary, you can clean it with warm water and mild soap. Dry it completely with a soft cloth before storing it. However, However, if you need something more effective for cleaning, you can use specialized silver polishing cloths.
Never use paper towels, polyester, or other rough cloths for cleaning. These often contain wood or synthetic fibers that can cause tiny scratches on the surface of the silver, thus damaging it.
Jewelry should always be the last thing you put on. That is, after applying hair products, creams, perfume, make-up, or clothes and it should be the thing you take off first. I also recommend taking it off before going to sleep.
When not wearing the jewelry, put it in a dustproof pouch, store it in the original box and put it in a dry place.

Razpoložljivost nakita

Prizadevam si da je veliko izdelkov konstantno na zalogi. Vendar če ob naročilu določene oblike ali velikosti na zalogi ni, boste ob tem takoj obveščeni. V tem primeru vas obveščam, da je čas izdelave naročenega nakita med 5 do 10 delovnih dni.

Vsekakor se sama in izkušeni zlatarski mojstri potrudimo po najboljših močeh, da bo vaš izbran kos nakita pri vas v najkrajšem možnem času.