Intuitive jewellery designed by a woman for women

The shapes of the jewelry are designed intuitively from my connection to all that I am as a woman. Through the process of design, I bring into this world all my inner dimensions, which are born from behind the illusion of time and space. The forms are inspired by the symbolism, mysticis, and wisdom of ancient knowledge and represent a unique expression of wearable art in the shine of metal.
With my precious metal jewelry collections, I build a style through which I reflect the beauty of nature and the grandeur of geometry. I share my style of expression to bring all this experienced beauty as close as possible and to share it with all individuals who follow their feminine nature, love art, appreciate uniqueness and enjoy the comfort of elegance.
That is why I can say that jewelry is created for women who follow their inner wisdom, who follow their inner feminine nature, but at the same time they are conscious observers of everything that the daily challenges of life throw at them.
Each piece of jewelry, with its expression, creates a sense of beauty also for those individuals who love art, appreciate uniqueness, and enjoy the comfort of elegance. The chosen piece of jewelry is thus not just a fashion accessory but an object of a transformative nature, empowering a woman's sensuality, softness, and strength.

Vsak oblikovalski proces izhaja iz raziskovanja in eksperimentiranja, vezan na določeno vir navdiha. Z risanjem vsakič znova, na nov način odkrivam skrite razsežnosti kontrastov. V katerih iščem številne načine, kako v asimetriji prepoznati simetrijo, s katero bi lahko najbolje poudarila žensko edinstvenost in lepoto.


 jewelry collections

Rain kolekcija

kreacija zaobljenih linij

The RAIN collection consists of soft, rounded lines whose basic essence is the shape of a raindrop. Three falling, interconnected, tiny drops are formed into an intertwined design shape that gives the impression of infinity and softness.
The soft lines on the body create an impression of delicacy that is enhanced by the sheen of the metal.

Love kolekcija

kreacija elips

The designer collection of LOVE silver jewellery is designed from four intertwined ellipses. The interweaving of the curves within the design object sets the rhythm and dynamics that culminate in the final shape of the heart. The central illustration of the letter U in the heart conveys the simple but sensual message 'I LOVE YOU'
The collection is created for romantic souls who enjoy the stillness of the heart.

Genesis kolekcija

Kreacija zaobljenih oblik

The GENESIS silver jewellery collection consists of curves intertwined to form a clear shape reminiscent of the bud of a flower. With its softness, the shape creates the impression of awakened nature and leads us to the hidden parts of flower gardens.
The soft lines thus create an impression of tenderness on the body, which is captured by the shine of the metal.

Ava kolekcija

Kreacija ravnih linij

The AVA silver jewellery collection presents a design creation consisting of straight lines. The shape of the jewellery consists of three triangles of different sizes that are placed on top of each other. The connection of the triangles to each other becomes an independent geometric shape that gives the design object a sense of depth.

AVA No. 2 kolekcija


Kolekcija srebrnega nakita AVA No. 2 predstavlja kreacijo ravnih linij, ki dopolnjuje oblikovalski koncept predhodno zasnovane kolekcije AVA.

Oblika nakita je zasnovana iz dveh, različno velikih trikotnikov, ki sta položena eden na drugega. Nuna medsebojna povezanost je oblikovana v samostojno geometrijsko obliko, katera ustvarja občutek globine v oblikovalskem objektu.

Grace kolekcija

Kreacija krožnih oblik

The GRACE silver jewellery collection stands for the creation of circular shapes. The plates are intertwined to form an independent geometric object reminiscent of the shape of the moon. The final shape, cast in metal, gives the impression of tenderness and conveys the feeling of endless rotation.

The language of geometry expressed in the design forms of jewellery.

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain and feel the freshness of the water expressed in the design form of the jewelry.


Pure forms full of feelings are carefully shaped elements that embody the light and give it a new meaning.


The form captured in the shine of the metal tells a unique story directed into its own space.