Intuitive poetry in the reflection of the ecstasy of the voice


Excerpt from the introduction in the book

Aurora is not only a contrivance of time and space evolving, such as the Roman goddess of the morning dawn or the light phenomenon of the arctic shine, but also the beauty of the colourful radiance that moves the flow of life through my being. The aptness to accept beauty is giving me peace in every breath and touch, which reinvigorates me over and over again, illuminating my path in order to breathe my voice.

When the unknown becomes visible


Aurora, a collection of intuitive poetry, is my first collection of poetry, in which I use words and images to tell of the power hidden in the depths of love, from which I reveal, through a complex interweaving of words, a part of myself that talks of compassion for myself and, above all, the meaning of love!
To be, to live, and to act out of love and for love.
I have written the lyrics for myself, for my own sake, and I dedicate them to myself. And I share the texts with the intention that they may reveal and empower that part of the unique beauty that lies within each one of us.

In addition to the Slovenian language, Aurora is also published in the English language. Which was proofread by Dr. Luka Ličar. The Slovenian texts were proofread by Katja Bučan.


Artworks & poetry

Aurora is not only a book of intuitive poetry but also contains a range of artworks. The artworks were created in parallel with the writing of the texts.
The artworks tell the story of my uncompromising commitment to myself. Out of this devotion, I have presented the texts in the book in colorful compositions that are expressive and reminiscent of the Northern Lights, the Aurora. The line drawings are placed in this abstract environment in such a way that they blend in. But they remain the focus of attention. In this way, I have achieved compositions in the paintings that create a depth of a unique dimension.
In the artworks of the poetry collection Aurora, I have depicted myself. Once I portrayed myself in the shape of an animal, another time in the form of a flower and finally in the form of a female archetype such as Venus and the Mona Lisa.
  • Shapes of reflection

    The image of LOTUS'S FLOWER tells the story of a fragile grace, full of tenderness, from which is born the strength that leads to rebirth.

    The motif on the painting represents the text HER.

  • The shine takes shapes

    The image of the BUTTEFLY in flight symbolises a feeling of inner lightness that lends clarity to the moment.

    The motif on the painting represents the text FREE EXPRESSION.

  • Sahpes of transparency

    The image of the ROSE represents the moment when this magical flower blooms and smells. The warmth of love and passion spreads from the depths of its core.

    The motif on the painting represents the text AMOR.

  • Shapes of intoxication

    The image of VENUS rising from the depths of the lotus flower tells of a devotion that comes from freedom and pure love.

    The motif on the painting represents the text VENUS INSIDE OF ME.

  • Shapes of magic

    With her gaze and her smile, the image of MONA LISA tells of a mysterious longing that is the essence of eternal inspiration.
    The motif on the painting represents the text CHOSEN.
  • The shape of her image

    The cover of AURORA features an impressive self-portrait of the author.

    The image represents all her passion and freedom.

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A thought from the Aurora book:


-Ines Amal