Placing the painting under a glass surface plays an important role in protecting the artwork, as the glass protects the print from external environmental influences, such as ozone, UV light, moisture, dust, soot, oils, and other inconveniences. However, be careful that the glass surface does not distort the look of the image, rather accentuates it.
Once the print is placed in the decorative frame, it is recommended not to expose it to direct sunlight. As always, sunlight has UV rays that can contribute to color fading, regardless of the quality. UV light can also damage paper and its structure, which can become brittle and increasingly porous over time. UV protective glass stops this process, which allows the print to remain intact and keep it in excellent condition.
A suitably chosen frame can further emphasize the work of art and increase its aesthetic value.
For appropriate and high-quality framing, we recommend that you contact art studios that professionally frame paintings. Their knowledge and experience will will best help you in choosing in choosing a proper frame.