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Zgodba & vizija Ines Amal

Ines Amal

Občutek tesne povezanosti z nakitom sem občutila že v ranem otroštvu. Občudovane oblike so me napolnjevale z radostjo in me povezale z lepoto življenja. Prav te so bile tiste prve, ki so v meni prebudile smisel za estetiko in kreativnost. Skozi odraščanje se je ta intenziteta le stopnjevala in temu impulzu sledim še danes.

Poleg oblikovanja pa se že od študentskih let na Akademiji za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje posvečam video umetnosti, kot tudi slikarstvu.

V svojih delih podajam lepoto geometrije in narave v vseh izraznih oblikah

The fascination with geometry, as well as the exploration of sacred geometry, opens up a unique space that has a strong influence on my artistic expression. I experience jewelry not only as a beautiful fashion accessory to accentuate a woman's body. I accept it as a part of myself, which I can strongly connect with. As a designer, it represents for me one of the most sensual and daring directions of industrial design.
But through fine art, I can experience and express myself in a completely different way than I can in the process of design or writing. But there is always a common source from which inspiration comes, I just present it in different visual ways.

Ljubezen do slikarstva

V objemu abstrakcije

I create conceptual artworks in traditional, digital, and mixed-media painting techniques. By painting color contrasts and shapes, I depict abstract content, with which I express the flow of my thoughts and ideas. I depict abstract subjects with color contrasts and themes to express my flow of thoughts and ideas. In this way, I create a unique approach to expressing contemporary impressionism. In this way, I can summon from the depths all my feminine tenderness, as well as boldness and clarity with a touch of beauty.

In the process of painting, I don't ask myself what and who I am. I simply forget the sense of space and time. I am left only to the invisible forces that flow through my body, which direct me in every stroke that I hand over to the painting surface.

Umetnost, ki navdihuje življenje

The fascination with geometry and the exploration of sacred geometry, and its creations in nature, surrounds me with a joy that broadens my horizons about the meaning of life and myself. Since this is something very difficult to put into words, I express all these experienced feelings, thoughts, and visions between the visible and invisible worlds in my artworks.

Using elements of geometry such as triangles, squares, straight lines, or circles, I create complex patterns and shapes that enrich my personal space. The creative process itself activates everything in me, over and over again in different ways, reawakening and empowering me. This is something that connects me even more to my heartbeat and breath and anchors me even more strongly in my physical body.

In this way, again and again, in different ways, I mirror the greatness of geometry and follow my purpose.

Colourful compositions as an intuitive reflection of freedom

I share my artistic expression out of a deep desire to take the viewer deeper into themselves by looking at the paintings, to empower them to find their freedom in expressing all that is, and to open their eyes to a brighter future.

My purpose for existing is to express all that I am through my art, and my mission is to give and share the spilled codes of the universe of consciousness with you. Therefore, I share my work with the desire to celebrate the beauty of life together.

Lepota v sijaju kovine

Embraced by elegance

The shapes of the jewelry are designed intuitively from my connection to all that I am as a woman. Through the process of design, I bring into this world all my inner dimensions, which are born from behind the illusion of time and space. The forms are inspired by the symbolism, mysticis, and wisdom of ancient knowledge and represent a unique expression of wearable art in the shine of metal.
With my precious metal jewelry collections, I build a style through which I reflect the beauty of nature and the grandeur of geometry. I share my style of expression to bring all this experienced beauty as close as possible and to share it with all individuals who follow their feminine nature, love art, appreciate uniqueness and enjoy the comfort of elegance.

Reflection of geometry

The design concept in jewelry design is based primarily on the aesthetic reflection of geometry and its creation, which can be admired in the diversity of nature. The elements of water, air and earth and their translation into liquid, gaseous, transparent, or textural forms, reflect the creation of cosmic love that inspires me again and again.
The shapes of the jewelry are designed with simple and clean lines, which allow me to bring into visible form the invisible forces that shape my world and materialize them in metal. The clean and bold shapes of the jewelry reflect a style that lives beyond the illusion of time and space. This gives a personal touch to their abstract shapes and emphasizes the meaning and grandeur of the geometry embedded in the design forms.

Več kot, le kos svetlečega nakita

During the creative process, I never look through the eyes of current trends. I experience my design as art, so I do not create seasonal products. My attention is focused on the development of my vision, through which I build the language of aesthetics, where I emphasize functionality and elegance within the object.

Above all, this is something that gives me an opportunity to express all my feminine boldness, clarity, tenderness and softness.

Sodoben in trajnosten dizajn

My jewelry collections are designed with the assistance of 3D modeling and the creation of wax prototypes using 3D printing technology. I favor precious metals in my designs, not only for their eco-friendly attributes but also for their potential positive impact on the well-being of both body and mind. Additionally, these metals are easily recyclable, aligning with my commitment to sustainability.
The final crafting of the jewelry is a labor of love, carried out by skilled hands using traditional techniques. This hands-on approach ensures that each piece possesses a unique and personal touch. While metal products are renowned for their durability, it's important to note that, like all fine jewelry, they require proper care to maintain their longevity.

Čar pisane besede

V objemu poezije

Aurora, a collection of intuitive poetry, is my first collection of poetry in which I use words and images to tell of the power that lies in the depths of love, from which I reveal expanded aspects of myself through a complex interweaving of words.
I have written the lyrics for myself, for my own sake, and I dedicate them to myself. And I share the texts with the intention that they may reveal and empower that part of the unique beauty that lies within each one of us. 

Misel iz knjige Aurora

- Ines Amal
With my poetry collection Aurora, I put my magical source of inspiration into writing for the first time.