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<tc>Mars No. I / clutch bag (Tglam special edition)</tc>

<tc>Mars No. I / clutch bag (Tglam special edition)</tc>

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The bag is the design work of designer Ines Amal.
The MARS Clutch Bag is made of leather enriched with a metal element. The metal element consists of straight and intertwined lines that are formed into a distinct geometric shape.
The bag is part of a design concept based on the mysticism of distant celestial bodies. The sensual vibration of Mars expressed in the pattern gives the impression of clarity and determination.
The bag has a flat and solid bottom, so it does not change its original shape when worn. The bag comes with a long shoulder strap that you can easily sling it over your shoulder.
MATERIAL: leather
METAL ORNAMENT: silver-plated brass
INNER LINING: 100% viscose
STRAP: detachable leather strap
DIMENSIONS: height: 16 cm, width: 23 cm, depth: 5 cm
The bag is intended for sustainable use, as it is made of high-quality and durable materials.
The bag is designed and handmade in Slovenia.


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Handbags and accessories are carefully made from selected premium leather and are designed to evoke a sense of beauty in all those female individuals who appreciate art, uniqueness and enjoy the comfort of elegance.
With a sense of boldness and durability, bags and accessories are not only designer objects but also practical, intended to serve their purpose.


To keep your leather handbag in its original condition for as long as possible, avoid hot surfaces or prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can discolor and harden the leather. To prevent any mechanical damage, avoid sharp or rough objects and surfaces.
When the handbag is not in use, store it in the original protective, anti-dust handbag and place it in a dry, dark place. Be careful not to wrinkle or twist the bag, as this can damage the leather or the shape of the handbag.
Fill the insides with stuffing such as tissue paper / smooth paper or soft cloth to keep it in its original shape. But never use newsprint for filling, as it is very rough and can leave ink marks.
Use a dry cotton cloth to clean the leather, but if there are stains or spills, gently clean them with a damp cloth and mild soap.
The metal decorations on the handbags are made of solid, silver-plated brass. Just like leather, clean them with a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth, but never use chemicals or solvents, as these can damage the leather and dull the shine of the metal.
If the leather is exposed to rain for a long time, wipe off the water with an absorbent cloth and then let the leather dry on its own. After all, leather is permeable and can never be completely waterproof.
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