Ava: kreacija ravnih linij

Ava: kreacija ravnih linij

The design concept of the AVA jewelry collection follows a simple principle that embodies the beauty and simplicity of the straight line.

The line, as an artistic element, describes the path of the drawing in the composition, which can be recognized as active, passive, or medial. Its images are shapes, that appear in different forms. The line, as the main means of graphic expression, is created by the movement of a point, and the point is a basic element in art theory. Movement is the main characteristic of the line, which can be seen as a sequence of points created as a trace of movement.

As mentioned before, the concept of the AVA collection, at its core, embodies the creation of straight lines, the interconnection of the lines forming the geometric shape of a triangle. In the design structure, a triangle with two or three repeats, and intertwining, is formed into a distinct design form. Within which the fine details are carefully considered elements. Triangles have a well-defined order at their core. The composition does not consist of freely placed shapes, as some might have at first noticed.

The size of the triangles, their position, and thickness create an independent harmony within the newly created object. The final shape gives a sense of depth, which I achieved by layering the triangles one on top of the other.

Carefully considered and defined shapes of the jewelry can be described as:

''Jewelry is like a tiny object made of individual elements, that together form a new shape and create a balance within their own space.''

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